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Founded in 1966 by Sensei Bob Dalton. New Zealand Representative for WSKF and APSKF

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posted by Dukenukem on 03.12.16 00:00 | under Club News

2016 Shitokai New Zealand DAN Grading - Saturday 3rd December 2016

The most anticipated calendar event of the year.  This year we had eight students who had been training all year for this day.  It is a long tough day but well worth it in the end.
This year we had Dean, Holly and Sophie Weber, Elliot Jones, Joshua Kenyon, Alyssa Hendrikse, Tyla Redfern and Bruno Marotta all grading.
It was probably tougher for their Instructor Sempai ...


posted by Dukenukem on 13.11.16 00:00 | under Club News

2016 Auckland Primary and Intermediate School Championships - 13th November 2016

It was the last tournament of the year and we took 8 competitors.  Our team brought home 9 medals, 1 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze, a good day.
Everyone performed well on the day and our club can be proud of all of them.  London-Rose and Amber continue to dominate the fighting, their final once again going to Referees decision.

Brendan, Zac and Mathias showed ...


posted by Dukenukem on 27.08.16 00:00 | under Club News

2016 Ingural Mabuni Tournament 27th - 28th 2016

The Mabuni tournament was held in Auckland and was hosted by Sensei Johnny Ling.  We sent 13 Competitors to the tournament accompanied by myself and Sempi Maurice.
It was like so many tournaments with it being a long day for everyone, but very well run and I thought a high standard of refereeing.  It is nice to see the younger karateka getting involved in ...


posted by Dukenukem on 21.08.16 00:00 | under Club News

2016 Auckland Open Championships - 21st August 2016

Auckland Open Karate Championships was held on 21st August 2016 at the Auckland Netball Centre, Stonefields, Auckland.
Karatedo Shitokai had two students head down to Auckland to compete in the Auckland Championships with London-Rose Gould and Yvette Hendrikse competing.

London-Rose in 6-7 years Kata and Kumite and Yvette in the 14-15 years girls Kata and Kumite.

Both girls performed brilliantly, London-Rose getting Bronze in Kata then getting Gold in ...


posted by Dukenukem on 18.04.16 00:00 | under Club News

2016 Sensei Hasegawa Visit to Whangarei - 18th April 2016

For the week of the 18th April, Karatedo Shitokai NZ welcomed to our dojo Yukimitsu Hasegawa Sensei. It is always a pleasure to have Sensei visit us and this time we also welcomed Dave Nuku from Palmerston North and Alicia, Angie and Juliette from the Sister Club, Nouville Caledonie club.
Sensei had a bit of time to relax after flying in from ...


posted by Dukenukem on 23.02.16 00:00 | under Club News

Bob Dalton 1936 - 2015

To become a karateka, or master of karate, requires a lifetime of devotion to the discipline of martial arts.
Today marks one year since the passing of Sensei Bob and although it has been a hard year adjusting with the club and other activities that Bob was involved in, we are making headway.
Below are some photo's from Bob's "Blast from the Past" Album.



posted by Dukenukem on 23.02.15 00:00 | under Club News

Sensei Bob Dalton 
It is with deep sorrow and sadness that Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand advise of the passing of Sensei Bob Dalton.
Sensei Bob with over 50 years as a Karateka, began his training in Karate/Judo in 1962 and is the founding father of Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand.
In that time, Sensei dedicated a significant amount of his time to his students and his passion and success he achieved with his students will be remembered and missed by ...


posted by Dukenukem on 30.10.14 00:00 | under Club News

2014 Northland Secondary Schools Sports Awards
Sensei Bob, along with one of his young students woke up this morning feeling a little better after a successful evening at the NSSSA dinner at Kensington Stadium.
Olivia Crum who last year acheived her Jnr Shodan last night won the Female Karate code award in her first year at high school. This goes with her school elite colours for medalling at a National Championship. All in all a good year ...


posted by Dukenukem on 22.05.14 00:00 | under Club News

2014 Farewell Sensei Robbie - May 2014

RIP - Robbie Smith


 Robbie, I cannot believe you have left us, it seems only yesterday that we laughed and joked about you turning fifty (50) this year, I remember laughing and telling you that I felt so sorry you were getting old, and now you are with us no longer. My heart goes out to Meilin, Isaac and Larissa, what they must be feeling is beyond comprehension. You ...


posted by Dukenukem on 21.04.14 00:00 | under Club News

2014 Sensei Hasegawa Visit to Whangarei - 21st April 2014


The week following Easter saw once again the visit to Karatedo Shitokai NZ Whangarei honbu dojo, of Yukimitsu Hasegawa Sensei (his eighth such visit), and this year  we introduced two of our young up and coming Karateka, Yvette Hendrickse and Olivia Crum, to his expertise and teaching. The effect of his teaching on both of them was most impressive, as it has been on ...


Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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