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2009 Shitokai New Zealand DAN Grading - Saturday 12th December 2009
Karatedo Shitokai - Saturday 12th December marked the final grading of the year, the 1st Kyu and Nidan gradings with Matt Redfern and Aaron Springford successfully passing their gradings for 1st Kyu after a solid effort from both of them.

The highlight of the day however were the three Nidan gradings, for Murray Burns, Dave Nuku (from our Palmerston North club) and Nicky Roberts, who had to jump very quickly into grading mode after returning from Morocco. As always, a Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand Dan grading is a very hard grading and is designed to bring the best out in the gradees, particularly in their spirit. I am pleased to report that all three gradees passed with flying colours, showing all the hard training and preparation that is required for Nidan.

The requirement in Kihon and self defence, plus the bunkai requirements is very high, but they all came through very well and it was particularly heartening to watch all three apply the bunkai to the katas required coupled with the knife and club self defence.

The fighting requirements are high and designed to break the gradees down to see what their spirit is like, followed by Sensei Bobs special Ab work and pushups when they are completely exhausted. The spirit showed was tremendous and all three gradees came through very well.

I was impressed with all gradees, but particularly so with Nicky Roberts, who has given so much time this year to her karate and to change mode so quickly is a tribute to her determination and skill. I have carried out a few Nidan gradings in my time, and I must say, her showing was the best of any female I have graded, particularly as she had to fight, perform bunkai and self defence against males.

Nicky unfortunately took a kick in the ribs and fractured one of her ribs, and it was later determined that Dave Nuku fractured a bone in his left hand. On one occasion, Murray showed distinctive signs of discomfort after Mathew Baird landed a excellent strike to his ribs.

Once again, congratulations to everyone who graded and it was tremendous to see the support from our club members, who gave good vocal support when it was needed. Thanks also to all our Dan grades who gave up their Saturday to help in the gradings. Sensei Bob Dalton

Memorable Moments: This is the second Dan Grading I have attended and the first, as a gradee. It was always going to hard and the training and preparation certainly helped on the day. This year the support from the club was tremendous with every gradee being well represented by family and friends and the many club members. Their voices of encouragement is absolutely valuable, especially when the going get tough and you need that extra bit to push you through. All the Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand Dan members were present to provide support and encouragement, not to mention a good supply of fresh partners for the fighting sections.

Aaron Springfield got involved again this year with the sparring and it looked as if he was enjoying himself.

Kieran Nuku provided a sparring partner for gradees and worked with his Dad in the Bunkai. I know he is please to have a rest from this as it has been a full time occupation for the last few months, having already suffering a broken thumb two months earlier during bunkai training.

Mathew Baird, Andrew Parker and Matt Burns provided a steady stream of fighting partners as well as other members, ensuring that we were all pushed.

Although injuries do happen at times, there is a significant amount of control to ensure that punches and kicks  are touch contact without the extension, more so when the gradees are already tired and being pushed. Having being first out of us three, it gave me time to relax a bit and watch my two other comrades grading. Nicky put in a stellar performance and was going like a trouper. When she was about to have her final fight, I called out "last one" when Sensei Bob said, "No - another one after this". That was the moment when the pain showed on her face. Matt Burns came in for the final fight and dealt her some good shots. Nicky came back with a very quick Ura Mawashi Geri and caught Matt under the chin, putting him to the floor for about 20 seconds.

During Murray Burns grading, his son Matt was his bunkai partner. For myself it was a classical moment watching them. Like Kieran, it looked as if Matt had spent a bit of time working with his father. During Bunkai, I could clearly see the pain look on his face just before his father executed the moves. I smiled and looked at Kieran as I have seen that same look on his face many times over the few months.

At the end of the bunkai, Matt wasn't looking to flash. Sensei Bob walked up to Matt and said to take a rest, he didn't need to be in the fighting line-up for Murray. Matt quickly replied "No way, It time for payback". Matt achieve that with a very well placed Mae geri kick to his father.

It was a great day and on completion, having the support from the club members and their congratulations polished it off. For myself, Kieran and Ann for putting me through my paces and sharing some of the pain during training. Congratulations to all students.

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Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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