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2009 New Zealand Nationals and Secondary Schools - 11 July 2009
This year 7 members from Whangarei and 2 members from Palmerston North club took part in the New Zealand Nationals held in Wellington. As usual there was a solid line up of competitors in each division with most members competing in the premier divisions.

There was also a good representation from Palmerston North. Along with Shitokai New Zealand, Gregor McLachlan club Wadokai Karate and Linsay Thomas club GojuRyu Karate also attended with each club achieving some level of success.

Karatedo Shitokai Results (From Sensei Bob)
This year Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand took 9 competitors to the Nationals/NZ Secondary Schools champs, in a brutally cold Wellington. Our total of 9 competitors was the most the club have ever entered at a National championships. Even at our previous competitive peak, back in the early 2000’s, the most ever entered was 5, and the current upsurge in  competitive interest is tremendous. What is impressing Sensei Bob the most is that alongside the established experienced players, Shitokai New Zealand also have a group of developing competitors who, if they continue to compete, will provide some great results in the next few years. For a small team, Shitokai New Zealand performed very well with a total of 2 Gold, 5 Silver & 4 Bronze, which is quite good for a NZ’s premier tournament.

With 9 competitors, it is difficult to be everywhere at once and I would like to pay tribute and a big thank you to Murray Burns, who was a huge help over the weekend. Murray is turning into a very good coach, and someone I could not now operate at tournaments without - thank you very much Murray.

I would also like to congratulate everyone who competed, including Dave & Kieran Nuku. Their club is a great addition to Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand, and they both seemed to enjoy themselves, with Dave winning Bronze in Veteran kata and Kieran Silver in 12/13 Premier kata and Silver in under 14 kata at the NZ secondary schools event. Well done both of you!

To everyone who did not win a medal, commiserations, because I know you gave it your all, and to those who did not have as good a tournament as expected, remember when the going gets tough, the tough get going-very true.

Nicky Roberts, had a tremendous tournament, winning 2 Golds and 1 Silver, my congratulations. The 6 day a week training regime she has persevered with since the NZ Open has paid dividends, and it all came to fruition, with Nicky being named in the NZ team to the World Junior Champs in Morocco in November, for Junior woman kata (Only 1 competitor from each country is selected). Nicky had to perform a play off for the position, but she was clearly superior in every aspect, and at the National training camp in Silverstream on the Monday and Tuesday after the Nationals, the selectors named her. It is something that Sensei Bob and Nicky been planning and training for, for 2 years now and to win the spot is tremendous. Nicky’s selection continues the club’s tradition of a team member in every Junior Worlds (except 2005 when Sensei Bobs top student retired because of serious injury and no junior woman kata competitor was sent) since 2001:

Shitokai NZ record for World competition:
2001   1 competitor
2003   2 competitors (kata & kumite)
2007   Matthew Baird for kata
2009   Nicky
Secondary Schools Open (12-7-2009)
The Secondary School Open proved to be another success for Shitokai New Zealand. Three competiors, Nicky Roberts (Kata), Matt Burns (Team Kumite) and Kieran Nuku (Kata).

Kieran competed first, gaining the Silver medal in the 12-14 year Premier division. Nicky Roberts took out the under 19 year with Gold and Silver.

Kieran Nuku and Conner Allen attend and represented Palmerston North Boys High School and competed in the Premier 12 to 14 year age group. Kieran practices Shitoryu Karatedo and trains under Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand, instructed by Dave Nuku. Conner Allen practices Wadokai Karatedo and trains under the Palmerston North School of Karatedo, instructed by Gregor McLachlan.

Kieran Nuku (Silver) in Kata, Conner Allen (Bronse) in Kata and Kumite.

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

Training Times

Whangarei Shitokai
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Palmerston North Shitokai
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