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Founded in 1966 by Sensei Bob Dalton. New Zealand Representative for WSKF and APSKF

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2013 Jonathan Mottrom Seminar, Saturday 2nd March 2013
Phil Laing from the Ishinryu Karate Club in Lower Hutt brought over Jonatahn Mottrom for a one day Kata, Kihon and Coaching Seminar. Jonathan, a former European Champion and English Karate Team, held three sessions over the course of the day covering Technical Kihon Training, Gojushiho Sho (Shotokan) and Gojushiho (Shitoryu) Kata and finally Advance Kata (Unsu).

What I liked about this and many other karate seminars held in New Zealand, is that they are well attended by many different clubs and styles, a comment that Jonathan also made during the course of the day. Each session went for about 2 hours each with short hydration breaks and many candid training stories. Jonathan presentation was relaxed and casual, but hard working.

Technical Kihon Training
This focussed on using the hips to generate power and speed using a combination of basic blocks, strikes and stances. The form presented can be directly used in any style or modified as required. I remember in my earlier days of Tae Kwon Do where using the hips was vital for good kicking techniques.

Gojushiho Sho (Shotokan) and Gojushiho (Shitoryu) Kata

Jonathan presented both forms of Gojushiho, breaking it down and specifying key movement areas and demonstrating bunkai application. I was also able to notice the variation differences between our style Shitokai and that of Shitoryu, having trained in both versions. Shitokai branch follows Kenei Mabuni while Shitoryu follows the late Kenzo Mabuni.

Advance Kata (Unsu)
Time to learn a new kata. Jonathan presented Unsu and we spent 2 hours learning this kata from technical form, to bunkai and how Jonathan adapted his training in order to perfect the more differcult moves, such as the 180 degree jump and landing all four points of contact at the same time, ie hands and feet.

Jonathan is an excellent instructor and the seminar was well worth it. It was well received and enjoyed by all that attended. Many thanks to Phil Laing for bringing Jonathan to New Zealead and opening the invitation to other clubs. Sensei Dave Nuku.
Sensei Phil Laing - Sensei Dave Nuku - Sensei Jonathan Mottrom (above)
Group Photo of those attending (below)

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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