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2014 Sensei Hasegawa Visit to Whangarei - 21st April 2014


The week following Easter saw once again the visit to Karatedo Shitokai NZ Whangarei honbu dojo, of Yukimitsu Hasegawa Sensei (his eighth such visit), and this year  we introduced two of our young up and coming Karateka, Yvette Hendrickse and Olivia Crum, to his expertise and teaching. The effect of his teaching on both of them was most impressive, as it has been on every student exposed to his knowledge and experience. Both Yvette and Olivia showed huge improvements in their Kihon, Kata, and general Karate ability, and both performed very well at the NZ Open the weekend following his visit, with Yvette winning Bronze in 12-13 years female Kata, and Olivia was very unlucky to lose in the 3rd round, a decision which was "interesting” to say the least, but that is the way with Kata judging, and life goes on.

In all previous visits, Sensei has concentrated on teaching two or three top Shitokai students, but this year it was decided to have him teach all our senior Dan grades over two intensive sessions. All the Dan grades were "buzzing” after their experience, as Hasegawa Sensei introduced them to a level of Karate teaching which very few Karateka worldwide are exposed to, and their learning has already filtered through to all club members at both Honbu and Kamo Intermediate school clubs.

As always, it was not all hard training, and Murray Burns, who hosted Sensei for two nights when Sensei Bob went to the NZ Open, took him for an afternoon’s fishing at Tutukaka. This was his third attempt at catching a fish, and it must have been third time lucky, because he managed to catch four or five good sized fish. Bob rang him towards the end of his fishing expedition and he was ecstatic! There is a photo accompanying this story showing him holding up a good sized Snapper, which best illustrates his joy!

All in all another great visit by Sensei, and one which hopefully, will be repeated many times yet. He is visiting New Caledonia for the second time in June this year, the same time as Bob’s annual teaching visit. This year, Bob is taking three students, Matthew Baird, Yvette and Olivia with him to experience (for the first time for Yvette and Olivia) our sister club, and it will give them both another opportunity to learn more from Hasegawa Sensei.
http://www.shitokai-newzealand.co.nz/innovaeditor/assets/2014/2014%20Hasegawa%20Visit/HASEGAWA%20WITH%20CLUB%20SENIOR%20STUDENTS.jpg    http://www.shitokai-newzealand.co.nz/innovaeditor/assets/2014/2014%20Hasegawa%20Visit/HASEGAWA%20WITH%20MURRAY%27S%20STUDENTS.jpg
http://www.shitokai-newzealand.co.nz/innovaeditor/assets/2014/2014%20Hasegawa%20Visit/HASEGAWA%20CORRECTING%20YVETTE%20IN%20SUPARINPEI%202.jpg    http://www.shitokai-newzealand.co.nz/innovaeditor/assets/2014/2014%20Hasegawa%20Visit/OLIVIA%20&%20HASEGAWA%20IN%20MATSUMURA%20BASSAI%20STANCE.jpg       


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Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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