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2015 Northland Open - Sunday 10th May 2015

 A very well run tournament put on by Karate Auckland, a huge thank you must go to Sensei Murray Simpson for bringing the tournament to Northland, this allowed many of our students the chance to compete at home in front of a home crowd. With both the Whangarei Clubs now combined we had a record 22 entries.

First off let me just say how nice it was to see three of Sensei Bob’s older students back competing together.  Nicky Roberts, Matthew Baird and Matt Burns first started competing together in 2005 and 10 years later they still are.

All three have been helping to train Bob’s two top students Olivia and Yvette, and Matt has been helping out with the fight training of Holly.  The club is very grateful for their help


We took home four gold, eight silver and nine bronze, not a bad days work.

Premier Veterans Kata – Dean Weber / Gold
The reliable Dean having in my opinion his best win in Kata.

Premier Veterans Kumite – Dean Weber / Silver
Another solid performance could have gone either way.

Senior Men’s Kata – Matthew Baird / Bronze
He is starting to show very positive form as he moves back into competition after about a four year lay off.

Senior Women’s Kata - Nicky Roberts / Silver
Has lost none of her ability or determination.

Senior Men’s Kumite – Matt Burns / Bronze
Had to take on NZ’s No1 and No2 fighters, not bad for a part timer.  He fought well showing glimpses of what he can do.

Women’s Kumite – Holly Weber / Bronze
Last tournament was her first in Premier now she is fighting Senior Women’s against two NZ reps.  Fought with courage and as her skill level comes up will be hard to beat.

Junior Men’s Kata – Issac Jones / Gold
Issac has plenty of ability and it is starting to come together.

Junior Woman’s Kumite – Holly Weber / Silver
Fast improving with every bout.
Cadet Women’s Kata – Olivia Crum / Silver
Olivia has been getting extra training from Nicky and Matthew and she is putting out new Kata, thanks to Sensei Bob her Kihon is excellent and her talent is limitless.

- Laura Jones / Bronze
Laura has just started competing in Premier but certainly didn’t look out of place, well done Laura.

Cadet Woman’s Kata Development – Georgia Redfern / Silver
Georgia’s first tournament, she has excellent kihon and will just get better.

- Georgia Higgins / Bronze

Also Georgia’s first tournament, again excellent kihon and as her confidence grows like Georgia Redfern, she has real potential.

Cadet Kumite Male – Jacob Wood / no medals but had in my opinion his best tournament.  Once winning becomes a habit he will be hard to stop.

12-13 Years Female Kata – Yvette Hendrikse / Gold
After the disappointment of Hamilton, Yvette has put in a lot of time with Nicky and Matthew and she came out firing, beating the NZ Open Champ three flags to nil to secure the Gold.  Yvette is back on track for great things.

12-13 Years Male Kata Development – Cameron Evans and Elliot Jones.
Not their first tournament but both are improving. Cameron won his first round, his first win in Kata.

12-13 Years male Kumite – Cameron Evans
, again didn’t win a medal but like Jacob had his best tournament, winning will come.

10-11 Years Female Kata Development – Sophie Weber / Gold
Her first win, tournament experience really showed.
-    Morgan Wood / Silver. Well done Morgan.
-    Charise Lindsay / Bronze

Chaises’ first tournament.  Well done to all three girls, next year you will make a strong team well done.

10-11 Years Female Kumite – Sophie Weber / Bronze
Fighting at Premier level is tough and Sophie is tough and she had her best tournament by far.

10-11 Years Male Kata Development – Bruno Marotta / Silver
A big field, Bruno was outstanding, the boy with the big smile and the big potential.

-    Harrison Millar
Unlucky not to medal, slips can be costly.

-    Oliver Morris
Oliver’s first tournament showed plenty of potential and was very calm for his first tournament.

8-9 Years Female Kata Development – Hazel Jennings
Only been doing karate for three months and was able to step out in a tournament and look like she belonged, Hazel is one to watch.

All in all a fun day. Thanks to all who helped and all who came to support, we have a lot to do between now and next year when the Bob Dalton Memorial Shield will be awarded to the most successful club at tournament. I look forward to it.

Georgia Redfern, Georgia Higgins, Olivia Crum, Holly Weber, Yvette Hendrikse, Dean Weber, Cameron Evans, Conor Lynch, Jacob Wood
Morgan Wood, Charise Lindsay, Sophie Weber, Hazel Jennings, Bruno Marotta, Elliot Jones, Issac Jones, Laura Jones, Harrison Millar, Oliver Morris
Nicky Roberts, Matthew Baird, Matt Burns
Matt burns, Nicky Roberts, Matthew Baird         --       Charise Lindsay, Sophie Weber, Morgan Wood

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Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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