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Founded in 1966 by Sensei Bob Dalton. New Zealand Representative for WSKF and APSKF

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2016 Sensei Hasegawa Visit to Whangarei - 18th April 2016

For the week of the 18th April, Karatedo Shitokai NZ welcomed to our dojo Yukimitsu Hasegawa Sensei. It is always a pleasure to have Sensei visit us and this time we also welcomed Dave Nuku from Palmerston North and Alicia, Angie and Juliette from the Sister Club, Nouville Caledonie club.
Sensei had a bit of time to relax after flying in from Japan so spent his first afternoon fishing. Lots of Snapper were caught, however 99% of them were small and were returned to the sea. A couple of them however did make it to the dinner table the following evening.
Training this year was open to all club members followed by Seniors and later concentrated on those students preparing for the NZ Open on the weekend. Having the open session offers the young and lower grades a taste of what the senior and competition students experience.
 Open Club Training
In all previous visits, Sensei has concentrated on teaching two or three top Shitokai students. This year it was decided to have him teach all our senior Dan grades as well. All the Dan grades were "buzzing” after their experience, as Hasegawa Sensei introduced them to a level of Karate teaching which very few Karateka worldwide are exposed to. The remaining sessions being dedicated to our competitive students and our visiting students from Nouville Caledonie.
 Senior Training
Dave Nuku, Matthew Baird, Yvette Hendrikse, Olivia Crum and Georgia Redfern along with our NC visitors Alicia Bezier, Angie Nondolini and Juliette Schmidt got to spend a lot of time with Sensei. These sessions are invaluable as the technical detail gets a lot of focus, Kihon and kata are refined. For myself, it was a good time to re-enforce my coaching and teaching skills, while everyone else were able to work on their competition kata.
Competition Training
Alicia, Angie and Juliette put a lot of work into their team kata Seienchin and bunkai. There bunkai was certainly a level up from what I have seen in previous NZ competitions so it will be interesting to see how they perform at the NZ open.
Angie Nondolini, Mathew Baird, Dave Nuku, Sensei, Alicia Bezier, Juliette Schmidt, Olivia Crum, Goergia Redfern, Yvette Hendrikse
Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand                                   Nouville Caledonia
Sensei Dave Nuku, Mathew Baird and Sensei Hasegawa
All in all another great visit by Sensei, and now that our friends in NC are also inviting Sensei to their club, we also have the benefit of visiting them in the future.


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Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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