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2018 Manawatu Championships - 17th July 2018

Well another year and another round for the Manawatu Champs. Much quieter for Karatedo Shitokai this year but still represented. This year it got even bigger with more clubs traveling to Palmerston North and a healthy 155 competing.
For many it is their first time on the mat and for some divisions, it required 4 katas to make it into the final rounds. These competitions allow many young students to test their skills and for some, if they continue with hard training and dedication, I wouldn't be surprised to see them doing well at the National level and representing New Zealand.

In addition, after nearly 4 years recovering, Sensei Dave was back in his Gi, and finally reaching his goal with the help of the other Vets taking part. The photo doesn't show the whole story but after taking the appropriate pain medication and warming up, a respectable performance was put forward.
Manawatu Champs 2018
Lucas, Dave and Simon (Vets Division)

Again, a very successful day for Sensei Gregor (our Wado Club and organiser). Below are the results for the day.

Manawatu Karate Champs Results 2018

5-7yrs Boys Novice Kata
1st Francesco Ruocco ISR
2nd Aiden Martens PNSK
3rd Ashton Rose PNSK
3rd Raed Mander ISR

7-9yrs Girls Novice Kata
1st Ruby Woodhead PNSK
2nd Rhaf Mander ISR
3rd Stella McConachy PNSK
3rd Rachel Sacks PNSK

8-10yrs Boys Novice Kata
1st Paddy Donnelly REN
2nd Sebastian Finlayson PNSK
3rd Harrison Rose PNSK
3rd Charlie Newman OGRKW

8-11yrs Girls Intermediate Kata
1st Jessica Leslie REN
2nd Lauren Alexander DKA
3rd Bonni Miller OGRKW
3rd McKenzie Redfern OGRKW

8-10 yrs Boys Premier Kata
1st Jacon Caven PNSK
2nd Matthew Davis PNSK
3rd Vencenso Ruocco ISR
3rd Rhys Amos OGRKW

11-12yrs Boys Novice Kata
1st Keith Dalm ISR
2nd Lewis Stick PNSK
3rd Matthew Cook PNSK
3rd Demenco Ruocco ISR

10-12yrs Boys Premier Kata
1st Phillip Fatialofa WKRA
2nd Connor Alexander DKA
3rd Harry Jackson Vile USK

13-15yrs Boys Premier Kata
1st Lachlan Gardner REN
2nd Callum Kennerdy GKR
3rd Benjamin Limsowtin DKA
3rd Winston Holani Rowe PNSK    

11-13 yrs Girls Intermediate kata
1st Brianna Higgans REN
2nd Nasrin Khalili ISR
3rd Tegan James OGRKW
3rd Atlanta Hearn USK

11-13yrs Boys Intermediate Kata
1st Drew Joy KK
2nd Christian Falloon PNSK
3rd Dean Copplestone DKA
3rd Oliver Pringle KK
11-14yrs Girls Premeir kata
1st Zoe Ashton Lewis REN
2nd Victoria Prestwood-Smith REN
3rd Caitlin Naylor PNSK
3rd Jesse Jukes DKA

15-17yrs Girls Novice Kata
1st Tamara Popovrackov ISR
2nd Melanie Redfern OGRKW
3rd Heidi Redfern OGRKW

 15-17yrs Girls Premier Kata
1st Alexander Youlden REN
2nd Jaquline Siu USK
3rd Erica Elers DKA
3rd Nina Kereama Stevenson PNSK

17-18yrs Boys Premier Kata
1st Elian Pagalilawan REN
2nd Waldo Dreyer PNSK

Womens Novice kata
1st  Jacqui Malcolm OGRKW
2nd Clare Miller OGRKW
3rd Grace Jacobs Corban OGRKW
3rd Janelle Birchler USK

Mens Novice Kata
1st Clayton Evans DKA
2nd Matthew Wallace OGRKW
3rd Brendan Redfern OGRKW

Womens Open Kata
1st Grace Sparks REN
2nd Corina Ngatai OGRKW
3rd Sofia Pearson GJK

Mens Veterans Kata
1st  Lukas Dreyer PNSK
2nd  Simon Tavendale USK
3rd Dave Nuku KSNZ


7-8yrs Girls  Kumite  
1st Jessica Peters PNSK
2nd Rhaf Mander ISR
3rd Rachel sacks PNSK
3rd Sophie Yoeman KK

8-9yrs Boys Novice Kumite
1st Ryan McClellan SSR
2nd Oscar field PNSK
3rd George Wilkins PNSK
3rd Sebastian Finlayson PNSK

10-11yrs Boys Novice Kumite
1st Keelyn Cutter SSR
2nd Paddy Donnelly REN
3rd Kynton Cutter SSR
3rd Harry Masters OGRYW

8-11 yrs Boys Intermediate Kumite
1st Seth Burgess ISR
2nd Oliver Turc PNSK
3rd Vincenso Ruocco ISR
3rd Lewis Stick PNSK

9-11yrs Girls Novice  Kumite
1st Yasrin Khalili ISR
2nd Sravya Moparthi ISR
3rd Anne Marie Wiedow PNSK
3rd Stella McConachy PNSK

9-11yrs Girls Intermediate Kumite
1st Ellan Hansen REN
2nd Tayla Boswell ISR
3rd Brianna Higgan REN
3rd Bella Mulheron KK

10-12yrs Boys Premier Kumite
1st Matthew Davis PNSK
2nd Oliver Pringle KK
3rd Domenico Ruocco ISR
3rd Keith Dalm ISR

12-15yrs Girls Kumite
1st Caitlin Sainsbury ISR
2nd Rosalia Siu USK
3rd Tegan James OGRKW
3rd Nasrin Khalili ISR

16-17yrs Boys premier Kumite
1st Callum Kennerdy GKR
2nd Harry Wells SSR
3rd Dominic Chan REN

13-15yrs Boys  Kumite
1st Kristopher Eagle ISR
2nd Tayla Murray Woon DKA
3rd Lachlan Hansen REN
3rd Jayden Sainsbury ISR

13-16yrs Girls Premeir Kumite
1st Jasana Fatialofa WRKA
2nd Zoe Ashton Lewis REN
3rd Jessica Ogden PNSK
3rd Victoria Prestwood Smith REN

17-19yrs Girls Kumite
1st Grace Jacobs Corban OGRKW
2nd Heidi Redfern OGRKW
3rd Malinda Birchler USK

Womens Open Kumite
1st Suzanne Yee REN
2nd Julia Tanner USK
3rd Natasha Warren GKR

Mens Novice Kumite
1st Clayton Evans DKA
2nd Shaun Goldsworth SSR
3rd Brendan Redfern OGRKW

Mens Open Kumite
1st Joey Izumi PNSK
2nd Brayden Bryce PNSK
3rd Taare Walker WKA

PNSK –Palmerston North School karate Do
USK-Universal Shotokan Karate
KSNZ-  Karate Shitokai New Zealand
GJK-Goju Kai Karate
REN-Renbuden Karate-(3 clubs)
DKA Davis Karate Academy
ISR-Ishin Ryu Karate
OGRKW-Okinawan Goju ryu Karate Wairarapa
WRKA-Wellington Region Karate academy
WKA Wellington Karate Academey
KK- Kapiti Karate
SSR- Seishin Ryu

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

Training Times

Whangarei Shitokai
Mondays and Thursdays
5.15pm -6.45pm

Palmerston North Shitokai
Mondays and Wednesday
5.45pm -7.45pm

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