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posted by Dukenukem on 02.08.13 00:00 | under DAN Gradings

2013 Senior DAN Gradings - 17th July and 24th August 2013
Three important Senior Dan Gradings were recently held in Palmerston North and in Whangarei.
On the 17th July 2013, Sensei Bob visited our Palmerston North Dojo, where he graded Dave Nuku, the Palmerston North Head Instructor to Yondan, and later on 24th August 2013 at the Honbu Dojo in Whangarei he graded Murray Burns, the Kamo Head Instructor to Yondan, and Sempai Matthew Baird ...


posted by Dukenukem on 24.07.13 00:00 | under Club News

2013 MacKay Visit 24-30 July 2013

Sensei Bob traveled to Mackay, Northern Queensland in late July, at the request of a long time friend of his, Earl McCann, who is head instructor at a club in the city. Earl is ex-South African, and used to head up a club in Kerikeri in the late 90’s, but who is now an Australian citizen, teaching at a Mackay secondary school.

Earl and his wife Jo, made Bob very welcome, ...


posted by Dukenukem on 15.06.13 00:00 | under Nouvelle Caledonie

 2013 Noumea Visit - 15th June 2013

On the 15th of June to 23rd June, Sensei Bob and Sempai Matthew Baird traveled to Noumea to visit and train with our Sister club, Association Shitoryu Karatedo New Caledonia (ASKNC). This was Sensei Bob’s 5th visit, and Matthew’s 2nd, and this year Yukimitsu Hasegawa Sensei also visited at the same time. As usual it was a tremendous trip, with some very hard training interspersed with some ...


posted by Dukenukem on 20.04.13 00:00 | under Local Events

2013 Self Defence Seminar, Whangarei - Saturday 20th April 2013

Shitokai New Zealand, in conjunction with Sensei’s Henry Heta and Tim Baxter, held a one day self defence seminar, at Sensei Tim’s Dojo in Whangarei. The seminar was well attended by all three clubs and was restricted to Senior members of each club.


This seminar was the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing exchange of ideas. The group was ...


posted by Dukenukem on 07.04.13 00:00 | under Local Events

2013 Auckland Open  - Sunday 7th April 2013


At the Auckland Open on 7th April, Honbu dojo took three competitors, Yvette Hendrickse, Olivia Crum and Harrison Higgins. All in all, a mixed day, with some tough calls from judges, but that is Karate competition. Yvette won bronze in 10-11 years female premier Kata and Harrison Higgins performed particularly well in the 10-11 years premier kata, which had 18 competitors, in two pools. Harrison ...


posted by Dukenukem on 24.03.13 00:00 | under Local Events

2013 Hamilton Open - Sunday 24th March 2013

Shitokai New Zealand Honbu and Kamo took eight competitors to the Hamilton Open, five from Kamo dojo and three from Honbu dojo. The eight competitors were: Yvette Hendrickse, Olivia Crum , Harrison Higgins, Connor Lynch, Nick Foulkes, Sophie Weber, Isaac ones, and Dan Burns.


Both clubs are in a rebuilding phase for competition, as new young members come through and at the Hamilton Open ...


posted by Dukenukem on 02.03.13 00:00 | under Club News

2013 Jonathan Mottrom Seminar, Saturday 2nd March 2013
Phil Laing from the Ishinryu Karate Club in Lower Hutt brought over Jonatahn Mottrom for a one day Kata, Kihon and Coaching Seminar. Jonathan, a former European Champion and English Karate Team, held three sessions over the course of the day covering Technical Kihon Training, Gojushiho Sho (Shotokan) and Gojushiho (Shitoryu) Kata and finally Advance Kata (Unsu).

What I liked about this and many ...


posted by Dukenukem on 30.01.13 00:00 | under Nouvelle Caledonie

2013 Alicia Bezier Paper Article - Senior Open in France (Kata)
Published article on Alicia Bezier, a member of our sister club in Nouvelle Caledonie. The article is in French, but has been translated for us into English by her coach Clement Leroux.
Article . . . .
Montpellier seems to become the new place for caledonians karateka. As Minh Dack and Jean-Christophe Taumotekava, Alicia Bezier choose ...


posted by Dukenukem on 15.12.12 00:00 | under DAN Gradings

2012 Shitokai New Zealand DAN Grading - Saturday 15th December 2012
Our now traditional Dan grading day was held on Saturday 15th December, and this year our organisation welcomed five new Shodans to our numbers. They are:
  • Scott Higgins
  • Rick Lunn
  • Kelly Springford
  • Joseph Faithfull
  • Daniel Burns - Kamo Club
As usual it was a "full on” grading day for everyone with again, as is now usual, a big audience ...


posted by Dukenukem on 01.12.12 00:00 | under Club News

2012 Sensei Fumio Demura

On the 1st December, Sensei Bob attended an excellent seminar in Auckland conducted by Sensei Fumio Demura, who was brought out by Sensei Dennis May.

The seminar was attended by around 200 Karateka, all very keen to expand their knowledge from a 9th Dan Karate legend. For readers who do not know, Sensei Demura was the stunt double in the original Karate Kid movie, doing all the stunt ...

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by the Late Sensei Bob Dalton and Official New Zealand Representative for World Shitokai Karate Federation and Asia Pasific Shitokai Karate Federation. WSKF, APSKF

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