Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by Sensei Bob Dalton. New Zealand Representative for WSKF and APSKF

Dojo Rules

Treat everyone with courtesy

Bow to your partner before and after any training exercise

Karate-ka (students) will bow when entering and before leaving the dojo

Karate-ka will maintain a serious attitude at all times. Students must be quiet, respectful and well-behaved in class. No profanity or loud talking in the dojo

Do not criticise other karate-ka

No rings, watches or other jewellery may be worn during class

All karate-ka will comply with the dojo health rules. Personal hygiene (cleanliness) is essential. Finger and toe nails should be clipped short

All karate-ka must wear a clean white karate-gi (no rips, holes or tears) and a karate belt of grade tied securely around the waist at all times

Females only may wear t-shirts or singlet’s under gi tops.  Males are not permitted to wear any clothing under gi tops

All karate-ka must wear the proper crests on their karate-gi

Higher belts should aid lower belts in their training. Lower belts should follow the instructions of higher belts in the dojo

No Shitoryu karate-ka will provoke violence outside the dojo or allow themselves to be provoked into violence

Always be on time for classes. If you are ever late, sit in the seizan position on the edge of the dojo floor until Sensei motions for you to join the class

Your karate teacher is to be called Sensei at all times. Senior students to yourself will always be addressed as Sempai

Strive to promote the true spirit of karate by the development of:

Respect (Courtesy to others)
Character (Mental development)
Humility (Never lose sight of your short comings)
Health (Physical development)
Skill (Proficiency in Karate)