Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand

Founded in 1966 by Sensei Bob Dalton. New Zealand Representative for WSKF and APSKF

Welcome to Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand WSKF, APSKF

The style of Karate known as Shitoryu founded by the late Kenwa Mabuni, being one of the four major styles in the world. The two most well known areas associated with Karate in Okinawa were Naha and Shuri. In the late 19th century the most famous grandmaster in Shuri was Itosu and in Naha the grandmaster was Higaonna. Kenwa Mabuni was a student of both grandmasters, and out of respect for his teachers named his style of Karate "Shitoryu".

Shitokai New Zealand was first founded in Whangarei, New Zealand by Sensei Bob Dalton in 1966 and closely follows the teachings of Kenwa Mabuni. Sensei Bob has over 48 years of Karateka experience, having first started his training in 1962. He is a founding member of Karate New Zealand and a current member of Karate New Zealand Coaching Council.

Shitokai New Zealand is the only authorised New Zealand representative member for both the World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF) and the Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karate Federation (APSKF) and regularly attends World and regional Shitoryu tournaments. Shitokai New Zealand has produced many New Zealand and International Champions over the years, but realise that not everyone who practices Karate wishes to compete, so club trainings are devoted to traditional Shitoryu Karate with all competition coaching conducted outside normal club training.

Shitokai New Zealand is affiliated to the Yukimitsu Karate Academy in Kofu, Japan, and regularly brings to New Zealand Yukimitsu Hasegawa, the academy's Head Instructor, to help improve the standard of our students. Shitokai New Zealand are also affiliated with, and are "sister" clubs with Association Shitoryu Karatedo Nouvelle Caledonie.

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand (Whangarei)
       Honbu Dojo  
       43 Western Hills Drive
       Whangarei Head Instructor - Murray Burns (5th Dan)

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand (Palmerston North)
       Palmerston North Dojo
       Palmerston North Head Instructor - Dave Nuku (4th Dan)

Association Shitoryu Karatedo Nouvelle Caledonie
       Noumea Dojo
       Nouvelle Caledonie
       President - Marie Jo Saintpierre
       Head Instructor - Clement Leroux (3rd Dan)

Karatedo Shitokai New Zealand. Member of the World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF), the Asian Pacific Shitoryu Karate Federation (APSKF) and Karate New Zealand. Shitokai New Zealand is affiliated with the Hasegawa Karate School, Kofu, Japan.